Class MultiPhraseQuery


public class MultiPhraseQuery extends Query
A generalized version of PhraseQuery, with the possibility of adding more than one term at the same position that are treated as a disjunction (OR). To use this class to search for the phrase "Microsoft app*" first create a Builder and use MultiPhraseQuery.Builder.add(Term) on the term "microsoft" (assuming lowercase analysis), then find all terms that have "app" as prefix using LeafReader.terms(String), seeking to "app" then iterating and collecting terms until there is no longer that prefix, and finally use MultiPhraseQuery.Builder.add(Term[]) to add them. returns the fully constructed (and immutable) MultiPhraseQuery.
  • Method Details

    • getSlop

      public int getSlop()
      Sets the phrase slop for this query.
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    • getTermArrays

      public Term[][] getTermArrays()
      Returns the arrays of arrays of terms in the multi-phrase. Do not modify!
    • getPositions

      public int[] getPositions()
      Returns the relative positions of terms in this phrase. Do not modify!
    • rewrite

      public Query rewrite(IndexReader reader) throws IOException
      Description copied from class: Query
      Expert: called to re-write queries into primitive queries. For example, a PrefixQuery will be rewritten into a BooleanQuery that consists of TermQuerys.
      rewrite in class Query
    • visit

      public void visit(QueryVisitor visitor)
      Description copied from class: Query
      Recurse through the query tree, visiting any child queries
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      visit in class Query
      visitor - a QueryVisitor to be called by each query in the tree
    • createWeight

      public Weight createWeight(IndexSearcher searcher, ScoreMode scoreMode, float boost) throws IOException
      Description copied from class: Query
      Expert: Constructs an appropriate Weight implementation for this query.

      Only implemented by primitive queries, which re-write to themselves.

      createWeight in class Query
      scoreMode - How the produced scorers will be consumed.
      boost - The boost that is propagated by the parent queries.
    • toString

      public final String toString(String f)
      Prints a user-readable version of this query.
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      toString in class Query
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object other)
      Returns true if o is equal to this.
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      equals in class Query
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    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      Returns a hash code value for this object.
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      hashCode in class Query
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