Class PrefixCodedTerms.TermIterator

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public static class PrefixCodedTerms.TermIterator extends Object
An iterator over the list of terms stored in a PrefixCodedTerms.
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    • next

      public BytesRef next()
      Description copied from interface: BytesRefIterator
      Increments the iteration to the next BytesRef in the iterator. Returns the resulting BytesRef or null if the end of the iterator is reached. The returned BytesRef may be re-used across calls to next. After this method returns null, do not call it again: the results are undefined.
      the next BytesRef in the iterator or null if the end of the iterator is reached.
    • field

      public String field()
      Returns current field. This method should not be called after iteration is done. Note that you may use == to detect a change in field.
    • delGen

      public long delGen()
      Del gen of the current term.