Class IndexFileNames


public final class IndexFileNames extends Object
This class contains useful constants representing filenames and extensions used by lucene, as well as convenience methods for querying whether a file name matches an extension (matchesExtension), as well as generating file names from a segment name, generation and extension ( fileNameFromGeneration, segmentFileName).

NOTE: extensions used by codecs are not listed here. You must interact with the Codec directly.

NOTE: This API is for internal purposes only and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
  • Field Details


      public static final String SEGMENTS
      Name of the index segment file
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      public static final String PENDING_SEGMENTS
      Name of pending index segment file
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      public static final Pattern CODEC_FILE_PATTERN
      All files created by codecs much match this pattern (checked in SegmentInfo).
  • Method Details

    • fileNameFromGeneration

      public static String fileNameFromGeneration(String base, String ext, long gen)
      Computes the full file name from base, extension and generation. If the generation is -1, the file name is null. If it's 0, the file name is <base>.<ext>. If it's > 0, the file name is <base>_<gen>.<ext>.
      NOTE: .<ext> is added to the name only if ext is not an empty string.
      base - main part of the file name
      ext - extension of the filename
      gen - generation
    • segmentFileName

      public static String segmentFileName(String segmentName, String segmentSuffix, String ext)
      Returns a file name that includes the given segment name, your own custom name and extension. The format of the filename is: <segmentName>(_<name>)(.<ext>).

      NOTE: .<ext> is added to the result file name only if ext is not empty.

      NOTE: _<segmentSuffix> is added to the result file name only if it's not the empty string

      NOTE: all custom files should be named using this method, or otherwise some structures may fail to handle them properly (such as if they are added to compound files).

    • matchesExtension

      public static boolean matchesExtension(String filename, String ext)
      Returns true if the given filename ends with the given extension. One should provide a pure extension, without '.'.
    • stripSegmentName

      public static String stripSegmentName(String filename)
      Strips the segment name out of the given file name. If you used segmentFileName(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) or fileNameFromGeneration(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, long) to create your files, then this method simply removes whatever comes before the first '.', or the second '_' (excluding both).
      the filename with the segment name removed, or the given filename if it does not contain a '.' and '_'.
    • parseGeneration

      public static long parseGeneration(String filename)
      Returns the generation from this file name, or 0 if there is no generation.
    • parseSegmentName

      public static String parseSegmentName(String filename)
      Parses the segment name out of the given file name.
      the segment name only, or filename if it does not contain a '.' and '_'.
    • stripExtension

      public static String stripExtension(String filename)
      Removes the extension (anything after the first '.'), otherwise returns the original filename.
    • getExtension

      public static String getExtension(String filename)
      Return the extension (anything after the first '.'), or null if there is no '.' in the file name.