Class CheckIndex.Status.TermIndexStatus

Enclosing class:

public static final class CheckIndex.Status.TermIndexStatus extends Object
Status from testing term index.
  • Field Details

    • termCount

      public long termCount
      Number of terms with at least one live doc.
    • delTermCount

      public long delTermCount
      Number of terms with zero live docs docs.
    • totFreq

      public long totFreq
      Total frequency across all terms.
    • totPos

      public long totPos
      Total number of positions.
    • error

      public Throwable error
      Exception thrown during term index test (null on success)
    • blockTreeStats

      public Map<String,Object> blockTreeStats
      Holds details of block allocations in the block tree terms dictionary (this is only set if the PostingsFormat for this segment uses block tree.