Class CheckIndex.Status.DocValuesStatus

Enclosing class:

public static final class CheckIndex.Status.DocValuesStatus extends Object
Status from testing DocValues
  • Field Details

    • totalValueFields

      public long totalValueFields
      Total number of docValues tested.
    • totalNumericFields

      public long totalNumericFields
      Total number of numeric fields
    • totalBinaryFields

      public long totalBinaryFields
      Total number of binary fields
    • totalSortedFields

      public long totalSortedFields
      Total number of sorted fields
    • totalSortedNumericFields

      public long totalSortedNumericFields
      Total number of sortednumeric fields
    • totalSortedSetFields

      public long totalSortedSetFields
      Total number of sortedset fields
    • error

      public Throwable error
      Exception thrown during doc values test (null on success)