Class SoraniNormalizer

  • public class SoraniNormalizer
    extends Object
    Normalizes the Unicode representation of Sorani text.

    Normalization consists of:

    • Alternate forms of 'y' (0064, 0649) are converted to 06CC (FARSI YEH)
    • Alternate form of 'k' (0643) is converted to 06A9 (KEHEH)
    • Alternate forms of vowel 'e' (0647+200C, word-final 0647, 0629) are converted to 06D5 (AE)
    • Alternate (joining) form of 'h' (06BE) is converted to 0647
    • Alternate forms of 'rr' (0692, word-initial 0631) are converted to 0695 (REH WITH SMALL V BELOW)
    • Harakat, tatweel, and formatting characters such as directional controls are removed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoraniNormalizer

        public SoraniNormalizer()
    • Method Detail

      • normalize

        public int normalize​(char[] s,
                             int len)
        Normalize an input buffer of Sorani text
        s - input buffer
        len - length of input buffer
        length of input buffer after normalization