Class LZ4

  • public final class LZ4
    extends Object
    LZ4 compression and decompression routines. The high-compression option is a simpler version of the one of the original algorithm, and only retains a better hash table that remembers about more occurrences of a previous 4-bytes sequence, and removes all the logic about handling of the case when overlapping matches are found.
    • Method Detail

      • decompress

        public static int decompress​(DataInput compressed,
                                     int decompressedLen,
                                     byte[] dest)
                              throws IOException
        Decompress at least decompressedLen bytes into dest[dOff:]. Please note that dest must be large enough to be able to hold all decompressed data (meaning that you need to know the total decompressed length).
      • compress

        public static void compress​(byte[] bytes,
                                    int off,
                                    int len,
                                    DataOutput out,
                                    org.apache.lucene.util.compress.LZ4.HashTable ht)
                             throws IOException
        Compress bytes[off:off+len] into out using at most 16KB of memory. ht shouldn't be shared across threads but can safely be reused.