Class FutureObjects

  • public final class FutureObjects
    extends Object
    Additional methods from Java 9's java.util.Objects.

    This class will be removed when Java 9 is minimum requirement. Currently any bytecode is patched to use the Java 9 native classes through MR-JAR (Multi-Release JAR) mechanism. In Java 8 it will use THIS implementation. Because of patching, inside the Java source files we always refer to the Lucene implementations, but the final Lucene JAR files will use the native Java 9 class names when executed with Java 9.

    NOTE: This API is for internal purposes only and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
    • Method Detail

      • checkIndex

        public static int checkIndex​(int index,
                                     int length)
        Behaves like Java 9's Objects.checkIndex
        See Also:
      • checkFromToIndex

        public static int checkFromToIndex​(int fromIndex,
                                           int toIndex,
                                           int length)
        Behaves like Java 9's Objects.checkFromToIndex
        See Also:
      • checkFromIndexSize

        public static int checkFromIndexSize​(int fromIndex,
                                             int size,
                                             int length)
        Behaves like Java 9's Objects.checkFromIndexSize
        See Also: