SolrTM Screenshots

Admin UI

Solr 4.0 comes with a revamped Admin UI featuring:

  • Visual bars showing memory, swap space, and JVM memory used and allocated.
  • Dump of JVM args so you can see how your JVM was started up.
  • Log dumps in easily readable, color-coded formats.
  • Core administration, including buttons for adding, renaming, swapping, reloading and optimizing.
  • Core stats including last modification date, doc counts, and status indicators for optimized, current and hasDeletions.
  • Query screen that, for me, replaces the /browse handler for debugging purposes
  • Improved analysis debugging screens
  • Pretty schema browser
  • Data import status screen
  • and more...

Admin UI screenshot 1 Admin UI screenshot 2 Admin UI screenshot 3 Admin UI screenshot 4 Admin UI screenshot 5