Uses of Class

Packages that use SolrCoreState
org.apache.solr.core Core classes implementin Solr internals and the management of SolrCore
org.apache.solr.update APIs and classes for managing index updates 

Uses of SolrCoreState in org.apache.solr.core

Methods in org.apache.solr.core that return SolrCoreState
 SolrCoreState SolrCore.getSolrCoreState()

Uses of SolrCoreState in org.apache.solr.update

Subclasses of SolrCoreState in org.apache.solr.update
 class DefaultSolrCoreState

Fields in org.apache.solr.update declared as SolrCoreState
protected  SolrCoreState DirectUpdateHandler2.solrCoreState

Methods in org.apache.solr.update that return SolrCoreState
abstract  SolrCoreState UpdateHandler.getSolrCoreState()
 SolrCoreState DirectUpdateHandler2.getSolrCoreState()

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