Class DocumentBuilder

  extended by org.apache.solr.update.DocumentBuilder

public class DocumentBuilder
extends Object

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Document toDocument(SolrInputDocument doc, IndexSchema schema)
          Convert a SolrInputDocument to a lucene Document.
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Constructor Detail


public DocumentBuilder()
Method Detail


public static Document toDocument(SolrInputDocument doc,
                                  IndexSchema schema)
Convert a SolrInputDocument to a lucene Document. This function should go elsewhere. This builds the Document without an extra Map<> checking for multiple values. For more discussion, see: TODO: /!\ NOTE /!\ This semantics of this function are still in flux. Something somewhere needs to be able to fill up a SolrDocument from a lucene document - this is one place that may happen. It may also be moved to an independent function

solr 1.3

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