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org.apache.solr.parser Solr native variant of the Lucene Classic QueryParser 
org.apache.solr.request APIs and classes for dealing with Solr requests APIs and classes for parsing and processing search requests Solr implementations of ValueSource for distance based function queries. Internal classes used to implement distributed result grouping 
org.apache.solr.util Common utility classes used throughout Solr 

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 Query QueryParser.Clause(String field)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getBooleanQuery(List<BooleanClause> clauses)
          Factory method for generating query, given a set of clauses.
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getBooleanQuery(List<BooleanClause> clauses, boolean disableCoord)
          Factory method for generating query, given a set of clauses.
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getFieldQuery(String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getFieldQuery(String field, String queryText, int slop)
          Base implementation delegates to SolrQueryParserBase.getFieldQuery(String,String,boolean).
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getFuzzyQuery(String field, String termStr, float minSimilarity)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getLocalParams(String qfield, String lparams)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getPrefixQuery(String field, String termStr)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getRangeQuery(String field, String part1, String part2, boolean startInclusive, boolean endInclusive)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getRegexpQuery(String field, String termStr)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.getWildcardQuery(String field, String termStr)
protected  Query SolrQueryParserBase.newFieldQuery(Analyzer analyzer, String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
 Query SolrQueryParserBase.parse(String query)
          Parses a query string, returning a Query.
 Query QueryParser.Query(String field)
 Query QueryParser.Term(String field)
 Query QueryParser.TopLevelQuery(String field)
abstract  Query SolrQueryParserBase.TopLevelQuery(String field)

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 NamedList<Object> SimpleFacets.getFacetDateCounts()
          Deprecated. Use getFacetRangeCounts which is more generalized
 void SimpleFacets.getFacetDateCounts(String dateFacet, NamedList<Object> resOuter)
          Deprecated. Use getFacetRangeCounts which is more generalized
 NamedList<Object> SimpleFacets.getFacetFieldCounts()
          Returns a list of value constraints and the associated facet counts for each facet field specified in the params.
 NamedList<Integer> SimpleFacets.getFacetQueryCounts()
          Returns a list of facet counts for each of the facet queries specified in the params
 NamedList<Object> SimpleFacets.getFacetRangeCounts()
          Returns a list of value constraints and the associated facet counts for each facet numerical field, range, and interval specified in the SolrParams
protected  void SimpleFacets.parseParams(String type, String param)

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protected  void DisMaxQParser.addBoostFunctions(BooleanQuery query, SolrParams solrParams)
protected  void DisMaxQParser.addBoostQuery(BooleanQuery query, SolrParams solrParams)
 void Grouping.addFieldCommand(String field, SolrQueryRequest request)
          Adds a field command based on the specified field.
 void Grouping.addFunctionCommand(String groupByStr, SolrQueryRequest request)
protected  boolean DisMaxQParser.addMainQuery(BooleanQuery query, SolrParams solrParams)
          Adds the main query to the query argument.
protected  void ExtendedDismaxQParser.addPhraseFieldQueries(BooleanQuery query, List<ExtendedDismaxQParser.Clause> clauses, ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedDismaxConfiguration config)
          Adds shingled phrase queries to all the fields specified in the pf, pf2 anf pf3 parameters
 void Grouping.addQueryCommand(String groupByStr, SolrQueryRequest request)
protected  void ExtendedDismaxQParser.addShingledPhraseQueries(BooleanQuery mainQuery, List<ExtendedDismaxQParser.Clause> clauses, Map<String,Float> fields, int shingleSize, float tiebreaker, int slop)
          Modifies the main query by adding a new optional Query consisting of shingled phrase queries across the specified clauses using the specified field => boost mappings.
protected  boolean FunctionQParser.consumeArgumentDelimiter()
          Consume an argument delimiter (a comma) from the token stream.
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getAliasedQuery()
          Delegates to the super class unless the field has been specified as an alias -- in which case we recurse on each of the aliased fields, and the results are composed into a DisjunctionMaxQuery.
protected  Query DisMaxQParser.getAlternateUserQuery(SolrParams solrParams)
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getBooleanQuery(List<BooleanClause> clauses, boolean disableCoord)
protected  List<Query> ExtendedDismaxQParser.getBoostFunctions()
          Parses all function queries
protected  List<Query> ExtendedDismaxQParser.getBoostQueries()
          Parses all boost queries
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getFieldQuery(String field, String val, boolean quoted)
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getFieldQuery(String field, String val, int slop)
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getFuzzyQuery(String field, String val, float minSimilarity)
 String QueryParsing.StrParser.getGlobbedId(String errMessage)
 Query QParser.getHighlightQuery()
 Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.getHighlightQuery()
 Query DisMaxQParser.getHighlightQuery()
static SolrParams QueryParsing.getLocalParams(String txt, SolrParams params)
          "foo" returns null "{!prefix f=myfield}yes" returns type="prefix",f="myfield",v="yes" "{!prefix f=myfield v=$p}" returns type="prefix",f="myfield",v=params.get("p")
protected  List<ValueSource> ExtendedDismaxQParser.getMultiplicativeBoosts()
          Parses all multiplicative boosts
static QParser QParser.getParser(String qstr, String defaultParser, SolrQueryRequest req)
          Create a QParser to parse qstr, assuming that the default query parser is defaultParser.
protected  Query DisMaxQParser.getPhraseQuery(String userQuery, SolrPluginUtils.DisjunctionMaxQueryParser pp)
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getPrefixQuery(String field, String val)
protected  List<Query> ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getQueries(ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.Alias a)
 Query QParser.getQuery()
          Returns the resulting query from this QParser, calling parse() only the first time and caching the Query result.
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getRangeQuery(String field, String a, String b, boolean startInclusive, boolean endInclusive)
 SortSpec QParser.getSort(boolean useGlobalParams)
protected  Query DisMaxQParser.getUserQuery(String userQuery, SolrPluginUtils.DisjunctionMaxQueryParser up, SolrParams solrParams)
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.getWildcardQuery(String field, String val)
 boolean FunctionQParser.hasMoreArguments()
          Are there more arguments in the argument list being parsed?
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser.newFieldQuery(Analyzer analyzer, String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
 Query LuceneQParser.parse()
abstract  Query QParser.parse()
          Create and return the Query object represented by qstr.
 Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.parse()
 Query SpatialFilterQParser.parse()
 Query DisMaxQParser.parse()
 Query MaxScoreQParser.parse()
          Parses the query exactly like the Lucene parser does, but delegates all SHOULD clauses to DisjunctionMaxQuery with meaning only the clause with the max score will contribute to the overall score, unless the tie parameter is specified.
 Query FunctionQParser.parse()
abstract  ValueSource ValueSourceParser.parse(FunctionQParser fp)
          Parse the user input into a ValueSource.
 String FunctionQParser.parseArg()
 double FunctionQParser.parseDouble()
          Parse a Double
protected  Query ExtendedDismaxQParser.parseEscapedQuery(ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedSolrQueryParser up, String escapedUserQuery, ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedDismaxConfiguration config)
          Parses an escaped version of the user's query.
 Float FunctionQParser.parseFloat()
          Parse a float.
 String FunctionQParser.parseId()
 int FunctionQParser.parseInt()
          Parse an integer
static int QueryParsing.parseLocalParams(String txt, int start, Map<String,String> target, SolrParams params)
static int QueryParsing.parseLocalParams(String txt, int start, Map<String,String> target, SolrParams params, String startString, char endChar)
 Query FunctionQParser.parseNestedQuery()
static Map<String,Float> DisMaxQParser.parseQueryFields(IndexSchema indexSchema, SolrParams solrParams)
          Uses SolrPluginUtils.parseFieldBoosts(String) with the 'qf' parameter.
 ValueSource FunctionQParser.parseValueSource()
          Parse an individual ValueSource.
protected  ValueSource FunctionQParser.parseValueSource(boolean doConsumeDelimiter)
          Parse an individual value source.
 List<ValueSource> FunctionQParser.parseValueSourceList()
          Parse a list of ValueSource.
 QParser QParser.subQuery(String q, String defaultType)
          Create a new QParser for parsing an embedded sub-query

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 ValueSource GeoDistValueSourceParser.parse(FunctionQParser fp)

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 QueryCommand.Builder QueryCommand.Builder.setQuery(String groupQueryString, SolrQueryRequest request)
          Sets the group query from the specified groupQueryString.

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Methods in org.apache.solr.util that throw SyntaxError
protected  Query SolrPluginUtils.DisjunctionMaxQueryParser.getFieldQuery(String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
          Delegates to the super class unless the field has been specified as an alias -- in which case we recurse on each of the aliased fields, and the results are composed into a DisjunctionMaxQuery.
static List<Query> SolrPluginUtils.parseQueryStrings(SolrQueryRequest req, String[] queries)
          Turns an array of query strings into a List of Query objects.

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