Uses of Class

Packages that use FieldParams APIs and classes for parsing and processing search requests 
org.apache.solr.util Common utility classes used throughout Solr 

Uses of FieldParams in

Fields in with type parameters of type FieldParams
protected  List<FieldParams> ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedDismaxConfiguration.allPhraseFields

Methods in that return types with arguments of type FieldParams
 List<FieldParams> ExtendedDismaxQParser.ExtendedDismaxConfiguration.getAllPhraseFields()

Uses of FieldParams in org.apache.solr.util

Methods in org.apache.solr.util that return types with arguments of type FieldParams
static List<FieldParams> SolrPluginUtils.parseFieldBoostsAndSlop(String[] fieldLists, int wordGrams, int defaultSlop)
          /** Like SolrPluginUtils.parseFieldBoosts(java.lang.String), but allows for an optional slop value prefixed by "~".

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