Package org.apache.solr.parser

Solr native variant of the Lucene Classic QueryParser


Interface Summary
CharStream This interface describes a character stream that maintains line and column number positions of the characters.
QueryParserConstants Token literal values and constants.

Class Summary
FastCharStream An efficient implementation of JavaCC's CharStream interface.
QueryParserTokenManager Token Manager.
SolrQueryParserBase This class is overridden by QueryParser in QueryParser.jj and acts to separate the majority of the Java code from the .jj grammar file.
Token Describes the input token stream.

Enum Summary
QueryParser.Operator The default operator for parsing queries.
SolrQueryParserBase.MagicFieldName Identifies the list of all known "magic fields" that trigger special parsing behavior

Exception Summary
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.

Error Summary
TokenMgrError Token Manager Error.

Package org.apache.solr.parser Description

Solr native variant of the Lucene Classic QueryParser

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