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Packages that use LogWatcher
org.apache.solr.core Core classes implementin Solr internals and the management of SolrCore
org.apache.solr.logging APIs related to capturing log event info in the LoggingHandler 
org.apache.solr.logging.jul JUL based implementation of LogWatcher 
org.apache.solr.logging.log4j Log4j based implementation of LogWatcher 

Uses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.core

Fields in org.apache.solr.core declared as LogWatcher
protected  LogWatcher CoreContainer.logging

Methods in org.apache.solr.core that return LogWatcher
 LogWatcher CoreContainer.getLogging()

Uses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.logging

Methods in org.apache.solr.logging that return LogWatcher
static LogWatcher LogWatcher.newRegisteredLogWatcher(LogWatcherConfig config, SolrResourceLoader loader)
          Create and register a LogWatcher.

Uses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.logging.jul

Subclasses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.logging.jul
 class JulWatcher

Constructors in org.apache.solr.logging.jul with parameters of type LogWatcher
RecordHandler(LogWatcher<LogRecord> framework)

Uses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.logging.log4j

Subclasses of LogWatcher in org.apache.solr.logging.log4j
 class Log4jWatcher

Constructors in org.apache.solr.logging.log4j with parameters of type LogWatcher
EventAppender(LogWatcher<org.apache.log4j.spi.LoggingEvent> framework)

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