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Packages that use SolrInfoMBean
org.apache.solr.core Core classes implementin Solr internals and the management of SolrCore
org.apache.solr.handler Concrete implementations of SolrRequestHandler 
org.apache.solr.handler.admin SolrRequestHandler implementations for powering he Solr Admin UI 
org.apache.solr.handler.component SearchComponent implementations for use in SearchHandler 
org.apache.solr.highlight SolrHighlighter API and related implementaions and utilities 
org.apache.solr.request APIs and classes for dealing with Solr requests APIs and classes for parsing and processing search requests Solr implementations of ValueSource for function queries. Classes related to joins. 
org.apache.solr.update APIs and classes for managing index updates 

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.core

Classes in org.apache.solr.core that implement SolrInfoMBean
static class RequestHandlers.LazyRequestHandlerWrapper
          The LazyRequestHandlerWrapper wraps any SolrRequestHandler.
 class SolrCore

Methods in org.apache.solr.core that return SolrInfoMBean
 SolrInfoMBean JmxMonitoredMap.put(String key, SolrInfoMBean infoBean)
          Adds the SolrInfoMBean to the map and registers the given SolrInfoMBean instance with the MBeanServer defined for this core.
 SolrInfoMBean JmxMonitoredMap.remove(Object key)
          Removes the SolrInfoMBean object at the given key and unregisters it from MBeanServer

Methods in org.apache.solr.core that return types with arguments of type SolrInfoMBean
 Map<String,SolrInfoMBean> SolrCore.getInfoRegistry()
          Returns a Map of name vs SolrInfoMBean objects.

Methods in org.apache.solr.core with parameters of type SolrInfoMBean
 SolrInfoMBean JmxMonitoredMap.put(String key, SolrInfoMBean infoBean)
          Adds the SolrInfoMBean to the map and registers the given SolrInfoMBean instance with the MBeanServer defined for this core.

Method parameters in org.apache.solr.core with type arguments of type SolrInfoMBean
 void SolrResourceLoader.inform(Map<String,SolrInfoMBean> infoRegistry)
          Register any SolrInfoMBeans

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.handler

Classes in org.apache.solr.handler that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class AnalysisRequestHandlerBase
          A base class for all analysis request handlers.
 class BinaryUpdateRequestHandler
 class ContentStreamHandlerBase
          Shares common code between various handlers that manipulate ContentStream objects.
 class CSVRequestHandler
 class DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler
          An analysis handler that provides a breakdown of the analysis process of provided docuemnts.
 class DumpRequestHandler
 class FieldAnalysisRequestHandler
          Provides the ability to specify multiple field types and field names in the same request.
 class JsonUpdateRequestHandler
 class MoreLikeThisHandler
          Solr MoreLikeThis -- Return similar documents either based on a single document or based on posted text.
 class PingRequestHandler
          Ping Request Handler for reporting SolrCore health to a Load Balancer.
 class RealTimeGetHandler
 class ReplicationHandler
           A Handler which provides a REST API for replication and serves replication requests from Slaves.
 class RequestHandlerBase
 class StandardRequestHandler
          All of the following options may be configured for this handler in the solrconfig as defaults, and may be overriden as request parameters.
 class UpdateRequestHandler
          UpdateHandler that uses content-type to pick the right Loader
 class XmlUpdateRequestHandler
 class XsltUpdateRequestHandler

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.handler.admin

Classes in org.apache.solr.handler.admin that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class AdminHandlers
          A special Handler that registers all standard admin handlers
 class CollectionsHandler
 class CoreAdminHandler
 class InfoHandler
 class LoggingHandler
          A request handler to show which loggers are registered and allows you to set them
 class LukeRequestHandler
          This handler exposes the internal lucene index.
 class PluginInfoHandler
 class PropertiesRequestHandler
 class ShowFileRequestHandler
          This handler uses the RawResponseWriter to give client access to files inside ${solr.home}/conf
 class SolrInfoMBeanHandler
          A request handler that provides info about all registered SolrInfoMBeans.
 class SystemInfoHandler
          This handler returns system info
 class ThreadDumpHandler

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.handler.component

Classes in org.apache.solr.handler.component that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class DebugComponent
          Adds debugging information to a request.
 class FacetComponent
 class HighlightComponent
 class MoreLikeThisComponent
 class QueryComponent
 class QueryElevationComponent
          A component to elevate some documents to the top of the result set.
 class RealTimeGetComponent
 class ResponseLogComponent
          Adds to the log file the document IDs that are sent in the query response.
 class SearchComponent
 class SearchHandler
          Refer SOLR-281
 class SpellCheckComponent
          A SearchComponent implementation which provides support for spell checking and suggestions using the Lucene contributed SpellChecker.
 class StatsComponent
          Stats component calculates simple statistics on numeric field values
 class SuggestComponent
          SuggestComponent: interacts with multiple SolrSuggester to serve up suggestions Responsible for routing commands and queries to the appropriate SolrSuggester and for initializing them as specified by SolrConfig
 class TermsComponent
          Return TermEnum information, useful for things like auto suggest.
 class TermVectorComponent
          Return term vectors for the documents in a query result set.

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.highlight

Subinterfaces of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.highlight
 interface SolrEncoder
 interface SolrFormatter
 interface SolrFragListBuilder
 interface SolrFragmenter

Classes in org.apache.solr.highlight that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class BreakIteratorBoundaryScanner
 class DefaultEncoder
          Use the DefaultEncoder
 class GapFragmenter
 class HighlightingPluginBase
 class HtmlEncoder
          Use the SimpleHTMLEncoder
 class HtmlFormatter
          Use the SimpleHTMLFormatter
 class RegexFragmenter
          Fragmenter that tries to produce snippets that "look" like a regular expression.
 class ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder
 class SimpleBoundaryScanner
 class SimpleFragListBuilder
 class SimpleFragmentsBuilder
 class SingleFragListBuilder
 class SolrBoundaryScanner
 class SolrFragmentsBuilder
 class WeightedFragListBuilder

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.request

Subinterfaces of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.request
 interface SolrRequestHandler
          Implementations of SolrRequestHandler are called to handle query requests.

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in

Subinterfaces of SolrInfoMBean in
 interface SolrCache<K,V>
          Primary API for dealing with Solr's internal caches.

Classes in that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class BoostQParserPlugin
          Create a boosted query from the input value.
 class CollapsingQParserPlugin
          The CollapsingQParserPlugin is a PostFilter that performs field collapsing.
 class DisMaxQParserPlugin
          Create a dismax query from the input value.
 class ExtendedDismaxQParserPlugin
          An advanced multi-field query parser based on the DisMax parser.
 class FastLRUCache<K,V>
          SolrCache based on ConcurrentLRUCache implementation.
 class FieldQParserPlugin
          Create a field query from the input value, applying text analysis and constructing a phrase query if appropriate.
 class FunctionQParserPlugin
          Create a function query from the input value.
 class FunctionRangeQParserPlugin
          Create a range query over a function.
 class JoinQParserPlugin
 class LFUCache<K,V>
          SolrCache based on ConcurrentLFUCache implementation.
 class LRUCache<K,V>
 class LuceneQParserPlugin
          Parse Solr's variant on the Lucene QueryParser syntax.
 class MaxScoreQParserPlugin
          Parses a query like Lucene query parser, but scoring with max score, not sum
Accepts the "tie" request parameter as with dismax.
 class NestedQParserPlugin
          Create a nested query, with the ability of that query to redefine it's type via local parameters.
 class OldLuceneQParserPlugin
          Parse Solr's variant of Lucene QueryParser syntax, including the deprecated sort specification after the query.
 class PrefixQParserPlugin
          Create a prefix query from the input value.
 class QParserPlugin
 class RawQParserPlugin
          Create a term query from the input value without any text analysis or transformation whatsoever.
 class SimpleQParserPlugin
          Create a query from the input value that will be parsed by Lucene's SimpleQueryParser.
 class SolrFieldCacheMBean
          A SolrInfoMBean that provides introspection of the Lucene FieldCache, this is NOT a cache that is managed by Solr.
 class SolrIndexSearcher
          SolrIndexSearcher adds schema awareness and caching functionality over the lucene IndexSearcher.
 class SpatialBoxQParserPlugin
 class SpatialFilterQParserPlugin
          Creates a spatial Filter based on the type of spatial point used.
 class SurroundQParserPlugin
          Plugin for lucene/contrib Surround query parser, bringing SpanQuery support to Solr.
 class SwitchQParserPlugin
          A QParserPlugin that acts like a "switch/case" statement.
 class TermQParserPlugin
          Create a single term query from the input value equivalent to readableToIndexed().

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in

Classes in that implement SolrInfoMBean
static class FileFloatSource.ReloadCacheRequestHandler

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in

Classes in that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class BlockJoinChildQParserPlugin
          Usage: {!child of="PARENT:true"}PARENT_PRICE:10
 class BlockJoinParentQParserPlugin
          Usage: {!parent which="PARENT:true"}CHILD_PRICE:10

Uses of SolrInfoMBean in org.apache.solr.update

Classes in org.apache.solr.update that implement SolrInfoMBean
 class DirectUpdateHandler2
          DirectUpdateHandler2 implements an UpdateHandler where documents are added directly to the main Lucene index as opposed to adding to a separate smaller index.
 class UpdateHandler
          UpdateHandler handles requests to change the index (adds, deletes, commits, optimizes, etc).

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