Welcome to the Open Relevance Project

The Open Relevance Project (ORP) is a small Apache LuceneTM sub-project aimed at making materials for doing relevance testing for Information Retrieval (IR), Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) into open source.

Our initial focus is on creating collections, judgments, queries and tools for the Lucene ecosystem of projects (Lucene Java, SolrTM, NutchTM, MahoutTM, etc.) that can be used to judge relevance in a free, repeatable manner.

14 July 2009 - Wiki now available

The ORP Wiki is now available at http://cwiki.apache.org/ORP. Anyone can edit it, so please feel free to help out the ORP!

25 June 2009 - Apache Open Relevance Kickoff

The Apache Lucene PMC has officially voted to add the Open Relevance Project (ORP) as a Lucene subproject. ORP's main goal is to build out collections, judgments and queries in an open environment to make it easier for Lucene developers and users to do relevance testing, much like one would get if using TREC or other evaluation conferences.

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